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THiNK Coaching NZ is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund and offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Fund.

Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as one on one coaching, workshops and group business coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

The vouchers are only available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors.

What is Business Coaching
and How Would it Add Value to your Organisation?

To support you on this growth journey, a business coach guides you and keeps you focused, accountable and on track to achieving your goals. Without the coach being immersed in the day to day running of the business or organisation, they take a birds eye view of the organisation to support you in navigating through challenges, finding new opportunities and creating growth with impact and purpose that aligns to your values and what’s important to your life.

Who is THiNK coaching most suitable for?

Founders, owners and operators of business, organisations or social enterprises

Small to medium sized organisations

People who are driven, motivated and open to learning new approaches

Organisations that know what they want but may just need some external support to bring it to life.

About Catherine

Catherine van der Meulen is a Global Business Strategist focused on Sustainable Business Models creating strategies in Businesses to support growth and drive innovation.


What our Clients and Business Network says

“If you’re an entrepreneur and unsure of what to tackle first or how to tackle it – I’d like you to meet Catherine. Catherine is the warmest, sincerest business coach I’ve ever worked with. She coaxed me out of my shy comfort zone, challenged me, nurtured and guided me to become confident, focused and accountable. Catherine works with her clients to find solutions and looks at the bigger picture behind the brand to find it’s USP to connect the dots between, product, purpose and potential customers.”​


Pam Burnett

Director, Cream Collection.

“Working with Catherine was an absolute pleasure, she asked me questions that needed to be asked in order to help build processes and a solid structure. Catherine holds a very high level of experience in the world of retail and is always willing to leverage her network to help her client. She was a key player in many connections made to help enhance my business. overall working with catherine is definitely a no brainer and highly recommended.”

Ahmed Elhawli

Founder – Sportsfinda & Business Wilderness​

“Catherine has a strong background in retail, particularly given her strong family history and involvement with the SUPRÉ business. Having been impressed by Catherine’s presentations at the Inside Retail Academy events, I requested that she facilitate my team day. Given that the majority of my team was female, I believed that it was important for my team members to meet Catherine since she is such an experienced and passionate role model in the retail world. Catherine worked closely with my leadership team to develop a comprehensive agenda which included an important session where my team better connected with each other by expressing vulnerability. She expertly facilitated the team day and leveraged her own personal network to find an impressive speaker for our event who challenged us to think differently about how we approach our work. I would strongly recommend Catherine for similar opportunities at other companies.”​

Mark Brogan

Head of Internal Audit – Country Road Group

“Catherine van der Meulen provided specialist retail advice to The Social Outfit from July to October 2018. As part of the consulting brief, Catherine helped to provide professional insights and strategies for future growth of our social enterprise ethical manufacturing and retail work.”​

Jackie Ruddock​

The Social Outfit​

“I have just completed the most productive two weeks of my business life! This came after only two strategic planning and goal setting phone sessions with Catherine van der Meulen of Think Business Services. Catherine has a way of bringing complete overwhelm into seamless flow. She has a special gift of being able to sort, filter, and prioritise your overflowing to do list into super smart goals. The goals Catherine helped me to create have given me such clear focus that the satisfaction I feel at the end of each productive day has been life changing. Procrastination and overwhelm has been transformed into a direct path to my vision. I have a new found confidence about me now that I know I can achieve my dream, because I can see each rung on the ladder and I can focus my full attention on each step in turn.
If you have a dream of how you’d like your business and life to be but it seems to be taking too long to get there, with too many detours along the way… if you want to fast track your journey to business success, Catherine at Think Business is your woman!”​

Nadine Hickman

Pep Talk​

“Recently I joined forces to create Fit & Flow Marlborough classes with my sister Nadine. We have held two so far in Catherine van der Meulen of Think Business Services beautiful garden. These classes combine 30 mins of Metafit, 30 mins of Ashtanga Yoga and 15 mins of meditation. My sister engaged the services of Catherine and gave such a glowing recommendation. From this I decided I wanted a piece of the action so I contacted Catherine and I’ve now had two sessions. I think it’s important if you want to grow, that you should find someone you relate to, you feel comfortable around and that you like! When I hung up from my first video call with Catherine that was my first thought, we will work well together because I can relate to her and I like her! Right from the beginning, I came away with real tangible actions and ideas that I could implement straight away. I love the fact that Catherine comes from the city life, she’s lived, traveled and has so many ideas to share. Procrastination and fear can hold you back from doing the things you want to do it’s all about not looking at the end picture and seeing how far you have to go, just make a step every single day and before you know it you’re a step closer to your goal. Thank you, Catherine, for teaching me this and for helping me not be overwhelmed with tasks to do and encouraging small and achievable as the way forward. ​”

Tracy Scott​

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Get2It Fitness Studio​

“We have been delighted to have Catherine van der Meulen come on board as a Business Mentor. Catherine brings a wealth of business experience across a range of industries, working with small and large businesses together with not-for-profits. Catherine is already helping guide Marlborough businesses to make positive strides and be ambitious about their future.”

Brian Dawson

Manager - Business Trust Marlborough / Angel Investors Marlborough (AIM)

Catherine is a noted influencer and exceptional business consultant. Her insights into determining values and opportunities inside any company is among the best I have seen. She has the ability to walk into a company or organization and by observing people, work and communicate and asking a number of key questions, can pick up opportunities for improvements and understand why the company is not advancing the progress on its own and what it needs to do to move forward. If you want problems identified and solutions provided and implemented, Catherine is where you should start. “

Hans Neilson

General Manager, Marlborough Chamber of Commerce

“I have been working with Cath for the past 3 months and have had great success through her work. As a start up, I have had many challenges from HR issues, financial issues, and so on. She had given me great advice and support which I believe is very valuable for any business owner. 

The way I see Cath’s work in my business is similar to firing a bow and arrow. Cath’s work is to ensure that the arrow is pointing at the correct target (Business’s vision and where it’s heading) and supporting business’s work is being utilised to it’s full potential.”

Ron Park

Founder, Korure

“Love Thy Curry has just finished 6 sessions (over 3 months) of business coaching with Catherine van der Meulen. We accessed her through the Regional Business Partner Network run by Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, and it was a fantastic investment in our business. We had had a frantic first year of business, just getting our product and our name out there and were looking for the next steps to grow and support our business. We had several “lightbulb” moments during Catherine’s coaching. These sometimes resulted in a change of direction from where we thought we were heading, and really helped us pin down our “Why”. Cath supplied us with regular support material, links to further information and fortnightly homework, which kept us more focused and methodical than we had been. Warm and encouraging, professional and knowledgeable, Cath has given us tools to take Love Thy Curry forward, and the confidence to map out our path and ‘own’ our business. We highly recommend her to anyone starting out in a small business, or looking to focus/direct their future marketing.”

Heather Yianakis and Ronnie Payne

Love Thy Curry

“Working with Cath is an absolute dream for a number of reasons. Most importantly, she brings out my ideas & helps me put them into action.  Her genuine & kind nature prompts me to do what I need to do, to move my business forward without making orders or commands, but keeps me on my toes nevertheless! She has so much knowledge & such a special knack at moving me closer to my goals, no matter how scary they may seem.  I am very grateful for every conversation we have as I always hang up the phone feeling more motivated than ever.  Thank you so much Cath!”

Deanne McKean

Managing Director, Little Lunches

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