What Our Clients Say

If you’re an entrepreneur and unsure of what to tackle first or how to tackle it – I’d like you to meet Catherine. Catherine is the warmest, sincerest business coach I’ve ever worked with. She coaxed me out of my shy comfort zone, challenged me, nurtured and guided me to become confident, focused and accountable. Catherine works with her clients to find solutions and looks at the bigger picture behind the brand to find it’s USP to connect the dots between, product, purpose and potential customers.
Pam Burnett
Director, Cream Collection
Working with Catherine was an absolute pleasure, she asked me questions that needed to be asked in order to help build processes and a solid structure. Catherine holds a very high level of experience in the world of retail and is always willing to leverage her network to help her client. She was a key player in many connections made to help enhance my business. overall working with catherine is definitely a no brainer and highly recommended.
Ahmed Elhawli
Founder – Sportsfinda & Business Wilderness
Catherine has a strong background in retail, particularly given her strong family history and involvement with the SUPRÉ business. Having been impressed by Catherine’s presentations at the Inside Retail Academy events, I requested that she facilitate my team day. Given that the majority of my team was female, I believed that it was important for my team members to meet Catherine since she is such an experienced and passionate role model in the retail world. Catherine worked closely with my leadership team to develop a comprehensive agenda which included an important session where my team better connected with each other by expressing vulnerability. She expertly facilitated the team day and leveraged her own personal network to find an impressive speaker for our event who challenged us to think differently about how we approach our work. I would strongly recommend Catherine for similar opportunities at other companies.
Mark Brogan
Head of Internal Audit – Country Road Group